familien%20la%20Cour%20484%20x%20484.jpgRainwear for work, sports and
outdoor adventure

QualityWear is a Danish webshop specializing in rainwear.

Our goal is to offer RAINWEAR for any purpose, to provide
the best
guidance in choosing waterproof outfit, and to
ensure our customers lots of great outdoor adventures
- even when it rains.

We are offering rainwear for everybody who:

• loves fashion, style and high quality

• enjoy gardening, repairing, building or working outside after work

• love dogs, horses, hunting, fishing, boating, golfing etc.

• enjoy running, biking, hiking or just going for a walk - even when it rains.

In addition, we offer rubber boots, waders, umbrellas, waterproof bags, a warm and cozy sweater, thermals, softshell and lots of functional clothing to keep you warm and dry.

News: Waterproof workwear and PPE
Recently, we expanded with a department for workwear with focus on waterproofs, high visibility rainwear and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Look for more information here >>>

QualityWear is owned by the la Cour family. We are an ordinary active Danish family running, fishing, sailing, biking, owning a couple of Icelandic horses, a dog and a garden. A very large part our spare time we spend outside - even when it rains.

But, the idea for a store specializing in rainwear we got many years ago traveling in Austria. The clouds hung low between the mountains and melting water got the river in the small town we lived in to flood. But it was no problem because in Austria at that time - even in a small town like the one we lived in - there was more than one well assorted shop with plenty of rainwear, rubber boots and umbrellas to choose from.

The same tradition we never had in Denmark.

But times change, and so does the weather. The future holds more rain, more powerful storms, hail and winds at all seasons. It hasn't been easier to work, perform or simply enjoy a stay outdoors.

In 2013 we launched QualityWear online - and there must have been others who thought it was a good idea, because we have been busy ever since.

We are already offering a wide selection of rainwear and works every day to find new products to make the shop even better. If you do not find the rainwear you are looking for, please let us hear from you on sales@QualityWear.com.

We are open for new ideas!

Best regards
Inge and Kim la Cour