Return Policy (retail sales)

30 days return policy

If you regret your purchase, you have 30 days to return it starting from the day you received the purchase at the agreed delivery address. The only condition is that you notify us at the latest 14 days before the return deadline - by writing to Remember to state the invoice number!

Send back your purchase to:

QualityWear v/laCour&Co
Stenbukvej 69
DK-4623 Lille Skensved

Remember to enclose the EU's statutory return form, which you can download here >>>.

You are responsible for the returned item

Be aware that you are responsible for the returned item until it is in our care again. Wrap the item securely and use a recognized shipping company and remember to get a receipt, so the package is insured during transport.

Please note that you must return the purcase in unused and undamaged condition to get all your money back, meaning:

the products must be securely wraped in the same og similar to the packaging in which you received your purcase
• the products must be unused and undamaged
the products must be returned in the original bags, boxes, etc.
the products must be returned with all tags and enclosed repair and maintenance set
there must not be written on, added or removed stickers from boots, bags, boxes etc. Shoe boxes are considered part of the product when you buy rubberboots, waders, etc. They must also be intact and must never be used as return packaging.


Try it on in your living room

Obviously you are allowed to try your purcase on at home in your living room, but do not remove hangtags etc., and try on rubber boots, waders etc. standing on a blanket to avoid scratches and wear. Returned items which have body odor, is worn or damaged will not be refunded at full price. Items which have been washed can not be returned, since the water resistance of the products can be destroyed by improper washing


Returnable packaging, return freight, fees etc.

Save the packaging in which you receive your purchase until you are sure you want to keep it. QualityWear do not refund the costs you may have to returnable containers when you decide to return an item. Nor the return shipping or any fees you may have had to bank, credit card or payment when you paid the order.


Return after use

Within the EU you are allowed to cancel a purchase within 14 days even if the product has been used. However, it is only merchants (in this case our) assessment based on the product's condition when received, how much of the product's original sales price, we will refund. QualityWear do not sell used products. Goods that bear the mark of being put into use, will be valued very poorly. In addition you will have to pay the return costs etc. Therefore, you will often be better off selling the used products elsewhere.

If in doubt, write to, before returning your purcase.


When do you get your money back?

Once your return is received at the address above and assessed by QualityWear, we will refund the current amount to the same credit card / payment method used for the purchase. Returns is processed within 2-3 business days. Be aware, however, that it may take some time before the refunds are available in your account, depending on which payment method you have used.


Complaints procedure:

If we can not reach agreement on a purchase, you have the opportunity to complain to The EU Online Dispute Resolution.

EU-Kommissionens online klageportal kan også anvendes ved indgivelse af en klage.This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in an EU country.

The complaint can be submitted here >>>

When you complain, you need to inform our e-mail address