Wash and maintenance of rainwear

Your rainwear can last for many years - if you take good care of it. Of course rainwear is worn like other clothes, improper handling and particularly incorrect washing can damage the water resistance ahead of time.

Rainwear can roughly be divided into two types: Non-breathable and breathable.

Non-breathable rainwear are usually made of PU- or PVC-coated cotton, polyester or polyamide.

Breathable rainwear consists of a very large group of technologically advanced materials with and without coatings, membranes and impregnation.

Both types can be washed, but common to them is they should be washed as little as possible! Rainwear sheds dirt like it sheds water. Therefore, it is often enough to wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth or rinse it under the shower with cool water.

If your rainwear is so dirty that it has to be washed, follow the washing instructions.But avoid the use of detergents containing bleaching or solventsand NEVER use fabric softener.

If your washing machine has a gentle cycle, use it – but don’t ever use the dryer! Waterproof clothing should be hung on a hanger to air dry. This also applies when it is wet with rain.

NIKWAX vaskemidler og imprægneringLow-impact cleaning and waterproofing:
Especially breathable rainwear are often waterproofed by an impregnation. Even if you wash your clothes carefully, the impregnation will degrade slightly each time you wash it. Wear and tear also eliminates the impregnation.

However, there are detergents which retains the impregnation, and there olso are impregnating agents to recreate the raincloths original value.

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