Personal Data Policy

Personal Information

QualityWear collect and store your name, address, email and phone number in order to process your order and to make it easier for you next time you wish to buy somthing in our webshop, because you dont have to enter your address details again. Your data will - together with information on your orders - be stored in our system: If you shop as a guest, it will be stored under your name and invoice no. If you create an account - to which you always have access to by user name and password - it will be stored on your account.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter - either when you create an order, or any time you wish completely independently of an order. You can always unsubscribe again.

NOTE: When you enter your name, address, email and phone number on QualityWear, you agree that your personal data is accessible to our employees.

General information for statistics

We also collects information for general statistics showing visits to the categories and items. This data is not collected for the individual user, but for all visits to our shop. This is achieved by using cookies and integration of search tools like Google Analytics (read more below).

We use the general statistics to understand how our customers interest in QualityWear. The aim is to make QualityWear as useful and relevant as possible. For example, we collect information about the most searched items and types of products in order to develop our product range and offers to existing and future customers.

We do not sell or pass on any personal data or information about your purchases to third parties.

We do not sell and do not pass on general data to third parties.

We have no access to information about your credit card or bank (read about Secure payment here).

If you wish, you can at any time be told what information QualityWear has stored about your purchase(s), and you can  object cf. the Law on Personal Data Processing.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to write to


In addition to the information you enter in connection with a purchase, newsletter signups, etc., QualityWear also use cookies. Cookies are small datafiles that our shop system stores on the computer, mobile or tablet you use to contact us - and as required by law, you have to accept our use of cookies, before we dot it.

That's why you are faced with this warning the first time you land on QualityWear:

"We use cookies for general statistics and to make QualityWear a good shopping experience
for you. If you continue to use the shop, you agree to our use of cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies is the technique that helps the webshop to remember and vital functions work. Without cookies you can not use the shopping cart, wish list, comment box, newsletter, etc. - and you wont be able to create an account and make an order.

The use of cookies does not compromise your security. Cookies can not see who you are and where you live, and they can not spread computer viruses or harmful software.

But they records the browsers used when someone searches on our shop, which countries, the searches is coming from, which products that are being searched for - and this information is communicated to the statistics and marketing tools that we have installed on our shop to give our customers a good experience. For example Google Analytics.

QualityWear uses cookies, which usually expires after each session, that is, when you close your browser (called Session Cookies).

In addition, we use cookies that are set with an expiration time and stored on your hard disk in that period (called Persistent Cookies).

Cookies are usually stored for a year, after which they automatically are deleted.

How to avoid cookies
QualityWear can not function without using cookies.

You can disable cookies in your browser - which, however, makes it impossible to use QualityWear. It also makes using the Internet difficult, because many other website dependent on using cookies.

If you want to eliminate all cookies from your computer, you can enter Settings in your browser and delete all cookies we and other websides may have stored on your computer. However, please note that this will delete your passwords and a variety of other data you have stored on different websites, forums and online shops. In addition the computer will not be able to remember which pages you previously have visited.