Waterproofs for an active outdoor life

QualityWear.com is a Danish owned webshop specializing in rainwear and waterproof clothing for Job, Sports & Outdoor Adventure. Our goal is to provide waterproofs for any purpose or need and give the best guidance and information to ensure you will be pleased with your purchase.

To make it easy for you to f...

Waterproofs for an active outdoor life

QualityWear.com is a Danish owned webshop specializing in rainwear and waterproof clothing for Job, Sports & Outdoor Adventure. Our goal is to provide waterproofs for any purpose or need and give the best guidance and information to ensure you will be pleased with your purchase.

To make it easy for you to find waterproofs fit for your need, we have sorted out and divided all waterproof jackets, coats, pants etc. into three main categories, described every item in details, and marked them with a barometer showing how much rain a rain jacket, raincoat or even rainhat can withstand.

Let us help you find the best waterproofs you've ever owned

Below all waterproofs are divided into the manufacturer making it easy for you if you want to buy waterproofs from a particular BRAND.

But waterproofs is functional clothing often designed for specific purposes. For example, for the cyclist, the hunter or angler each having their requirements for functionality. In addition, waterproof workwear where the work you do is crucial for the design and selection of fabric etc.

At QualityWear.com you have a lot to choose between, from the 1.5 kg Heavy protection PVC raincoats designed for fishermen in extreme weather conditions on eg. the Berings Sea, to the lightweight rain suite for cyclists. Both waterproofs can of course also be used for a walk with the dog. But there are other options more suitable if walking the dog is your main purpose - and we would love to help you find it.

Therefore, we have divided all waterproofs at QualityWear.com according to functionality into three main categories:


which furthermore is divided into subcategories to guide you to the right solution.

Do you have questions about waterproofs?

You will find the answers to most questions about any waterproof item in the description - especially the expanded description right below the pictures in the presentation. The description also contains link to a size guide.

If you do not find what you are looking for, if you have questions or need help, you are welcome to sales@QualityWear.com.

How much rain should your waterproofs be able to resist?

Many people mistakenly believe that all rainwear is 100% waterproof. It is not. It is more or less waterproof depending on the fabric it is made of, the way the seams are made, and a number of functional design details that you might not notice, when you try it on indoors. Only when you are experiencing a real game of bad weather you will find, that water has an amazing ability to run upwards and sideways and penetrate the most unthinkable and uncomfortable places.

That is why QualityWear.com has written a GUIDE on choosing the right rainwear and marked all descriptions with a "barometer" showing how much bad weather the different kind of waterproofs can withstand.

If you have decided in advance that you want a raincoat that can resist heavy rain, we have made it easy for you by sorting the rainwear in BREATHABLE, LIGHT protection, MEDIUM protection and HEAVY protection – in both RAINWEAR for MEN and RAINWEAR for WOMEN.

Do you want to know more, read the GUIDE on waterproofs: Tips on choosing rainwear >>>


WATERPROOFS  There are 275 products.


  • AGU Bike Rainwear

    AGU Bike Rainwear, Bike Bags etc.

    AGU develops and manufactures rain gear for cycling pros, everyday cyclists and commuters with a focus on comfort and quality. Whether you like mountain bikes, bike races or just use your bike to and from work, on vacation with the kids or to enjoy a quiet bike ride every now and then, you will at one point or another need rainwear.

    Here at QualityWear you will find a very wide selection of AGU bike rainwear for both adults and kids, and AGU bike bags that will keep your luggage dry in any weather.

    AGU offers bike Rainwear and Rain Gear for cycling pros, mountain bikers, commuters and comfort cyclists, so whatever you're into, AGU have a solution that ensures you a good experience on the bike - even when it rains.

    The story of AGU
    AGU was founded in 1966 by bicycle wholesaler JAKO and two wholesalers from Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The new company was named Alkmaarse Groot Handels Unie (AGU), which until the early 70s only traded spare parts and accessories for bicycles and mopeds.

    But AGU expands with bike equipment - including rain gear - and in 1976 AGU won their first prize for unique design of bike rainwear. The award was presented by Holland's then Foreign Minister Westerterp, and the jury said about the rain set: "At first sight this set of bike rainwear do not distinguishes from conventional sets, but on closer inspection it turns out that it is really well thought out when it comes to details and finish". And exactly "thought out in details and finish" is what still characterizes AGU bike rainwear today.

    In 1980, AGU introduces a raincoat for bicycle enthusiast who is so successful that other manufacturers start copying it. AGU had to threaten to sue those who copied to protect their good name and reputation.

    In 1986, AGU developed breathable bike rainwear - and among bike bags we have to mention "Quorum", which became another great success for AGU. Extremely durable bike bag, who in 1988 was tested by three adventurers from Paris to Dakar.

    In 1990, AGU won the fashion industry's biggest reward in Holland, "Grand Seigneur" for having introduced fashion to sportswear - and so we could go on. Latest price is "The Red Dot Design Award" - an international award for aesthetic, innovative and functional design - as AGU won for their "SEQ Urban" raincoat for ladies.

    About the company AGU
    AGU Holding currently employees about 160 people. The heart of the company is the headquarters in Alkmaar, Netherlands, where the new collections are designed integrating latest trends in sportswear, fashion and knowledge of high-tech materials. AGU bike rainwear are produced in Europe and in Asia, and the company makes high demands on its partners for sustainability and human values. All materials that are used for the preparation of AGU bike rainwear, have been thoroughly tested before being used in production.

  • GRUNDÉNS workwear

    GRUNDÉNS rainwear, waterproof foul weather gear & PPE

    GRUNDÉNS is a Swedish company that has produced quality rainwear and waterproof workwear for more than 100 years. GRUNDÉNS is well known for their powerful rubber rainwear made of durable PVC and PU for professionals in the fishing industry, industrial production and construction, Foul Weather Gear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) developed with the people who use the equipment in everyday life.

    But GRUNDÉNS also designs durable and 100% waterproof rain gear for leisure use and fashionable quality rainwear inspired by the classics that have been produced unchanged at the factory for decades. These retro designs have the same high quality and efficiency as the old-fashioned rubber rainwear and ability to perform for many hours in rough weather.

    Rainwear from GRUNDÉNS has welded seams and resist the pressure from 8-30.000 mm water column. GRUNDÉNS is known for strength and reliability and has "followers" who simply will not work in anything else.

    GRUNDÉNS working rainwear is also known to be very spacious in size.

    The history of GRUNDÉNS
    It was the son of a fisherman, Carl A. Grundén, who in 1911 started the company in the small town Grundsund in Sweden. In the beginning the clothes was made of oiled garmets, but in 1930 the company started using rubberized fabric that was more comfortable and durable. Later, the rubber coating was replaced with PVC and PU, which has superior abrasion resistance and durability.

    In 1955 GRUNDÉNS moved their headquarters to Uddevalla in Sweden and established itself in the coming years in Portugal, USA and Chile. In 2012 GRUNDÉNS took yet another step towards its goal of becoming marked leader in rainwear for work, sport and leisure with new owners and a commitment to continue to design and produce rainwear and waterproof workwear in high quality and in close dialogue with users throughout world.

    GRUNDÉNS Group currently has its headquarters in the textile town of Borås, factory in Portugal and includes GRUNDÉNS Sweden, GRUNDÉNS USA and GRUNDÉNS Chile.

    GRUNDÉNS also manufactures rainwear for sports and leisure. For more information, click here >>>

  • BLAEST by Lilleboe

    BLAEST by Lilleboe - rainwear for the well-dressed woman

    BLAEST by Lilleboe is a Norwegian company that designs and manufactures elegant rainwear for the well-dressed woman with a focus on functionality and quality. BLAEST by Lilleboe rainwear is made of the best materials, have sealed seams and many functional details that makes the rainwear feel comfortable and dry to wear. Rainwear from BLAEST by Lilleboe is designed by the Norwegian designer Lisbeth Lillebøe, and the collection includes both rain coats, rain jackets, ponchos - and rubber boots and umbrellas matching the handsome raincoats.

    Designer Lisbeth Lilleboe has for the BLAEST collection received the "Award of Design Excellence" by the Norwegian Council of Design.

    BLAEST rainwear is produced in Norway and comply with EU environmental requirements .

    About Lisbeth Lillebøe Lisbeth Lillebøe has lived all her life in the city between the seven mountains, Bergen in Norway, which has more than 200 rainy days a year. As a child she was always told that there was no bad weather, only bad clothing. Inspired by that she has created the functional, colorful and unique collections of raincoats, rain jackets, umbrellas and rubber boots for rainy days and really rough weather. But also on days when the weather is not so rough you will be tempted to dress yourself in the beautiful coats.

    Norwegian price for good design
    BLÆST by Lillebøe har modtager norsk designprisThe jury wrote:

    "With the BLÆST Citycoat Lisbeth Lillebøe has designed rainwear with character and great usability.The rainwear is style certainly done, with contemporary cut that appeals to a broad target group. The collection is very comprehensive with the use of distinctive details in stripes combined with black. It provides the products a playful expression underscoring a strong design identity in this segment. The rainwear is made of soft PVC which reflects quality and comfort. The products have good fit and a design that encourages flexible use and movement. This collection is a long-awaited increment in a market that keeps increasing."

  • OCEAN ABEKO workwear
  • DWR & DaWi by Danwear

    DWR & DaWi by Danwear - Danish design

    DWR & DaWi by Danwear is Danish design and quality at its best. Danwear has produced smart and functional outerwear and rainwear for fashion and quality-conscious women of all ages since 1986 and is known throughout Scandinavia. DWR & DaWi is DanWears collection of rainwear. DWR & DaWi is also known for its colorful collections and its cooperation with the multi-artist and painter Poul Pava. Danwear has since 1986 sold over 2.5 million pieces of outerwear for the Scandinavian women.

  • GRUNDÉNS leisure

    GRUNDÉNS "Originals" – for sports and leisure

    Designed according to Nordic traditions, stylish, durable and rustic - exactly as rainwear should be. GRUNDÉNS has more than 100 years of experience and tradition for quality and good craftsmanship. Over the years the company has created a lot of successes and has now been in the archives to get inspiration for a whole new line of fashionable quality rainwear.

    The new GRUNDÉNS "Originals" rain jackets and coats

    The result is the new GRUNDÉNS "Originals" - a series of fashionable HEAVY PROTECTION raincoats, rain jackets and hats that can withstand many hours of heavy rain, hail and sludge. The inspiration is taken from a string of classics, which have been produced unchanged at the factory for decades. GRUNDÉNS "Originals", however, have a narrower and more stylish cut (GRUNDÉNS is known for their spacious fit) and has been added a number of nice details.

    All rainwear in the ´GRUNDÉNS “Originals” line are 100% wind and waterproof, manufactured in 300-500 g PVC-cotton and have welded seams.

    GRUNDÉNS rainwear for sports & leisure

    In the same category you also find a number of other rainwear especially suitable for recreational use. For example, super functional rain set in 190 g PU-polyester, raincoats, anoraks, trousers and overalls for the angler and the lighter, and durable 100% waterproof raincoats and coats for men and women in PVC-polyester.

    NOTE: All rainwear shown at QualityWear.dk is marked with a barometer that shows how much rain it can can withstand. Read more under Tips on choosing rainwear here >>>

    The history of GRUNDÉNS - rainwear for more than 100 years

    It was the son of a fisherman, Carl A. Grundén, who in 1911 started the company GRUNDÉNS in the small town Grundsund in Sweden. In the beginning the clothes was made of oiled garments, but in 1930 the company started using rubberized fabric that was more comfortable and durable. Later, the rubber coating was replaced with PVC and PU, which has superior abrasion resistance and durability.

    GRUNDÉNS is known for their powerful Heavy Protection rubber rainwear in durable PVC and PU for the professional fishing industry. But GRUNDÉNS also manufactures quality fashion rainwear, rainwear for leisure, bags and accessories.

    GRUNDÉNS Group currently has its headquarters in the textile city Borås in Sweden, and comprises GRUNDÉNS Sweden, GRUNDÉNS USA, GRUNDÉNS Chile. GRUNDÉNS also has its own factory in Portugal, where GRUNDÉNS "Originals" are produced.


    HAPPY RAINY DAYS - stylish rainwear in bright colors

    HAPPY RAINY DAYS produces stylish quality rainwear in functional design and bright colors for women of all ages. The style is classic and yet trendy, and in the extensive line of rain jackets, short and long raincoats, ponchos, rain pants and rain hats there is a solution for everyone. Colors and patterns are carefully selected by HAPPY RAINY DAYS designers. Design and comfort are well thought out, and rain jackets and short and long raincoats have cotton lining and many clever details.

    The fabric HAPPY RAINY DAYS rainwear is made of, is windproof, waterproof and breathable and can withstand a water column of 5,000 mm (5 m H²O). It covers most women's need for rainwear - and because the beautiful raincoats are breathable, they can be used in dry weather as well.

    The story of HAPPY RAINY DAYS
    Happy Rainy Days was founded in 2008 by two Dutch women settled in Amsterdam, who rode their bikes and commuted to and from jobs in the city in any weather. They were frustrated because it was so difficult to find stylish and yet functional rainwear for women who needed to be well dressed - even when it rained. After thorough research, they decided to design and produce their own collection of stylish raincoats, which could be worn both in sunshine and rain. HAPPY RAINY DAYS was born, and since then it has expanded rapidly.

    Today the HAPPY RAINY DAYS collection is considerably, and the stylish rainwear for women of all ages are sold throughout Europe.

  • HELLY HANSEN leisure

    HELLY HANSEN rainwear

    The story of Helly Hansen started in 1877 when the Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen went ashore and began producing jackets, pants, rain hats and tarpaulins of coarse linen soaked in linseed oil. It was how waterproof clothing was made at that time, and Helly Juell Hansen had success right from the beginning.

    During the first five years HELLY HANSEN sold around 10,000 units of rainwear, and in year the 1878 the company started selling abroad.

    In the 20th century HELLY HANSEN was known for developing its 3-Layer System ™. It began in the year 1949 when the company introduced its first vision of a modern raincoat, which later became known as the "Helox". Helox was a thin layer of transparent PVC sewn into the waterproof coats and material outperformed the oil-based outerwear and became a must-have for anyone working or spending many hours outdoors. In 1961 followed the development of the first fleece, and ever since HELLY HANSEN has developed a number of patented materials known throughout the world.

    Today, equipment from HELLY HANSEN is known as world class and used by sailors, skiers and adventurers who spend their time between human will and nature's forces – requiring optimal protection when the conditions are the worst.

  • OCEAN ABEKO leisure

    OCEAN ABEKO rainwear, waterproof workwear and PPE

    OCEAN Rainwear A/S is an old Danish company founded in the textile town Herning in 1958. The company is known for an extensive and flexible production of workwear, waterproof clothes for work and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sold in more than 25 countries. OCEAN offer a wide selection of rainwear, waders, etc. for sports and leisure, breathable waterproof workwear in many different qualities, PU and PVC rainwear from the lightweight 170 g/m² PU to the Heavy Duty 700 g/m² PVC Off Shore overalls, jackets and full protective clothing with welded neoprene cuffs or gloves and boots.

    OCEAN ABEKO - a successful merger between Danish and Swedish quality
    In 2014 OCEAN bought the well known Swedish company ABEKO, which in many areas had common interests with OCEAN. Under the name OCEAN ABEKO the joint companies will continue their efforts to be among the best producing waterproof workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    OCEAN ABEKO It also carries on the proud traditions of high quality rainwear for hunting and fishing as well as high quality rainwear for leisure.

    The story of OCEAN
    OCEAN Rainwear A/S was established in Herning in 1958. Their first products were waterproof work clothes for craftsmen and sailors - including industrial fishermen who then, as today have very harsh working conditions at sea in all kinds of weather. OCEAN quickly became known for quality and its well designed products, and today they includes workwear and rainwear for a growing number of sportsmen and active people demanding funktional rainwear in high quality.

    OCEAN uses only selected materials of very high quality. Advanced technology, years of experience and professionally ambitious employees ensures that the quality and functionality in working clothes and working rainwear OCEAN always in order. OCEAN currently produces more than 1 million. pieces of clothing per year, employs 200 people and exports to 25 different countries.

    ABEKO too has a long history, was founded in 1948 and started by manufacturing durable and waterproof workwear for forest workers in Vester Varmland in Sweden. ABEKO expanded steadily over the years and became known for an uncompromising quality not just in Sweden and the other Nordic countries, but in a very large part of the world.

    ABEKO was for many years known for their rainwear for kids which year after year peaked in all tests on quality.

    In addition ABEKO manufactured fashionable quality rainwear, and a solid and functional range of rainwear for hunting, horseback riding, joggers and all of us who just love outdoor adventure - even when it rains.


    RAINLEGS waterproof leggings / rain pants for riding and cycling

    RAINLEGS™ rain pants / chaps / leg protection for riding and cycling, a grate solution that gives you freedom of movement and is easy to carry along and unrole when it starts to rain.

    RAINLEGS protects the thighs, is worn around the waiston as a belt when not in use, is rolled out over your thighs and knees when it rains.

    Perfect solution for riding and cyclist.

    RAINLEGS™ waterproof leggings / rain pants / chaps / leg protection is designed and manufactured by Smart Products Company in Holland. RAINLEGS is an innovation in rainwear and has won numerous awards for design, innovation, quality and comfort.

    The manufacturer of RAINLEGS, Smart Products Company, is focusing on form and function when developing and selling innovative products that solve everyday problems in a new way. The goal of Smart Products Company is to make life just a little easier for their customers.

  • RAINS rainwear

    RAINS - danish fashion rainwear for men and women

    RAINS, a young Danish company focusing on rainwear, have become trendsetters in the fashion industry. RAINS designs convenient and functional rainwear with a water column of 4,000 mm - which covers most people's need for rainwear making the journey to and from jobs, education etc. RAINS is especially known for their waterproof jacket, RAINS Long Jacket, which is inspired by the classic Nordic fisherman raincoat used for centuries. RAINS Long Jacket comes in a short version as well. RAINS Jackets is available in a variety of colors, and new ones are coming in every season.

    But RAINS has also been able to meet the requirement for renewal every season with new exciting designs. Most RAINS Jackets are unisex models, except RAINS A-Jacket and RAINS Curve Jacket, which is formfitted rain jackets for women. In addition RAINS designs waterproof bags etc. - and offers a wide range of rainwear covering a wide range of needs.

    About RAINS - the history RAINS was launched in the fall of 2011 by four newly graduated progressive Danes. The idea was to create a modern version of the classic fisherman raincoat, renew the Danes perception of rainwear and create positive associations around outdoor life on a rainy day. Furthermore, the raincoat should have a price that everyone could pay, and the concept should be simple and understandable for all.

    This led among other things to the name RAINS and the first stylish Scandinavian inspired collection of rain jackets, waterproof bags and accessories. The first raincoat was launched in June 2012 - and ever since the company have moved on.

    Today the collection includes a large number of trendy and super functional raincoats, rain jackets, ponchos, rain pants, etc., And rainwear from RAINS is sold in a large part of the world.

  • TRETORN rainwear

    TRETORN rainwear for the family

    TRETORN know what they're doing. With more than 120 years of experience and tradition of creating rainwear and rubber boots that can withstand the harsh Scandinavian weather, TRETORN is not to be overlooked if you are in search of quality. The TRETORN style is practical, classical and inspired by the traditional fisherman raincoat, but with innovative detail - which is one of the reasons why TRETORN has been trend setters year after year. Rainwear and wellies from TRETORN is just simply newer out of fashion.

    Rainwear from TRETORN usually have a water column of at least 8,000 mm (8 m H²O) or more and provide excellent protection against storm, rain and sleet. Look for more information in the individual product descriptions.

    Rubber boots from TRETORN is made from natural rubber sometimes combined with Neoprene. Comfort and quality are excellent, and the selection is extensive.

    The story of TRETORN
    TRETORN was founded in 1891 by Johan Dunker in Helsingborg, Sweden. At that time the factory was called Helsingborg Rubber Factory and manufactured tires. But then he hired his only 21-year-old son, Henry Dunker, as a salesman - and it was he who later took over and very successfully developed TRETORN to a major producer of rubber boots, rubber shoes, rainwear, the world's best tennis equipment etc.

    Besides being an accomplished entrepreneur Henry Dunker also had a social engagement and offered ahead of his time his employees free health care, day care and kindergarten. That engagement created a solid foundation of good will among his employees and helped to ensure continued success. In 1892 TRETORN produced 39,000 pair of galoshes. Just two years later the number had risen to 209,000 pairs, and high and low in Sweden was wearing rubber boots from TREORN. In 1896 rubber boots from TRETORN was recognized as the best in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, and the production had now reached 1 million pairs per year.

    In addition TRETORN manufactured rubber tubes, pedals, shoes and tennis equipment - and when Sweden's world famous tennis player Björn Borg, still considered one of the best ever, went on the tennis courts with TRETORN tennis balls, rackets and the newly developed "Nylite" luxury sports shoes, the success was for real. Nylite became fashion, and soon celebrities like Farah Fawcett and Jackie O. wore Nylite sports shoes from TRETORN. In 1980 the original sailor rubber boot "Skerry" became a classic, which starts another fashion trend in Europe.

    For more than 120 years TRETORN has worked hard to earn their reputation of superior quality, functionality and innovative novelties. In the future TRETORN will continue to set the standard for rubber boots, shoes, tennis balls and outerwear that offers comfort beyond the ordinary.

  • 66° NORTH

    66°NORTH - has warmed the Icelandic people since 1926

    66°NORTH Ltd. is one of Iceland's oldest manufacturing companies. Since 1926, the company have been a leader in design and development of clothing that can withstand snow, rain, cold and wear often under extreme weather conditions on land, in the mountains or at sea. 66°NORTH aims to create durable, stylish, reliable and comfortable clothes for adults and children. 66°NORTH combines fabric of very high quality with advanced technical design and offers a wide range of wind and Waterproof clothing that can withstand all kind of weather. This is partly why 66°NORTH for more than 50 years has supplied clothes to the Icelandic Search and Rescue Organization, which is the largest volunteer rescue teams in the world.

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