RAINS - trendy rainwear for men and women
RAINS - trendy rainwear for men and women RAINS is a young Danish company focusing on rainwear having become trendsetters in the fashion industry. RAINS designs convenient and functional rainwear with a water column of 3,000 mm - which covers most people's need for rainwear making the journey to and from jobs, education etc. RAINS is especially known for their waterproof jacket, RAINS Long Jacket, which is inspired by the classic Nordic fisherman raincoat used for centuries. RAINS Long Jacket comes in a short version as well. RAINS Jackets is available in a variety of colors, and new ones are coming in every season.

But RAINS has also been able to meet the requirement for renewal every season with new exciting designs. Most RAINS Jackets are unisex models, except RAINS A-Jacket and RAINS Curve Jacket, which is formfitted rain jackets for women. In addition RAINS designs waterproof bags etc. - and offers a wide range of rainwear covering a wide range of needs.

About RAINS - the history
RAINS was launched in the fall of 2011 by four newly graduated and progressive Danes. The idea was to create a modern version of the classic fisherman raincoat, renew the Danes perception of rainwear and create positive associations around outdoor life on a rainy day. Furthermore, the raincoat should have a price that everyone could pay, and the concept should be simple and understandable for all.

This led among other things to the name RAINS and the first stylish Scandinavian inspired collection of rain jackets, waterproof bags and accessories. The first raincoat was launched in June 2012 - and ever since the company have moved on.

Today the collection includes a large number of trendy and super functional raincoats, rain jackets, ponchos, rain pants, etc., And rainwear from RAINS is sold in a large part of the world.

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