HAPPY RAINY DAYS - stylish rainwear in bright colors

HAPPY RAINY DAYS produces stylish quality rainwear in functional design and bright colors for women of all ages. The style is classic and yet trendy, and in the extensive line of rain jackets, short and long raincoats, ponchos, rain pants and rain hats there is a solution for everyone. Colors and patterns are carefully selected by HAPPY RAINY DAYS designers. Design and comfort are well thought out, and rain jackets and short and long raincoats have cotton lining and many clever details.

The fabric HAPPY RAINY DAYS rainwear is made of, is windproof, waterproof and breathable and can withstand a water column of 5,000 mm (5 m H²O). It covers most women's need for rainwear - and because the beautiful raincoats are breathable, they can be used in dry weather as well.

Happy Rainy Days was founded in 2008 by two Dutch women settled in Amsterdam, who rode their bikes and commuted to and from jobs in the city in any weather. They were frustrated because it was so difficult to find stylish and yet functional rainwear for women who needed to be well dressed - even when it rained. After thorough research, they decided to design and produce their own collection of stylish raincoats, which could be worn both in sunshine and rain. HAPPY RAINY DAYS was born, and since then it has expanded rapidly.

Today the HAPPY RAINY DAYS collection is considerably, and the stylish rainwear for women of all ages are sold throughout Europe.

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