The story of Helly Hansen started in 1877 when the Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen went ashore and began producing jackets, pants, rain hats and tarpaulins of coarse linen soaked in linseed oil. It was how waterproof clothing was made at that time, and Helly Juell Hansen had success right from the beginning.

During the first five years HELLY HANSEN sold around 10,000 units of rainwear, and in year the 1878 the company started selling abroad.

In the 20th century HELLY HANSEN was known for developing its 3-Layer System ™. It began in the year 1949 when the company introduced its first vision of a modern raincoat, which later became known as the "Helox". Helox was a thin layer of transparent PVC sewn into the waterproof coats and material outperformed the oil-based outerwear and became a must-have for anyone working or spending many hours outdoors. In 1961 followed the development of the first fleece, and ever since HELLY HANSEN has developed a number of patented materials known throughout the world.

Today, equipment from HELLY HANSEN is known as world class and used by sailors, skiers and adventurers who spend their time between human will and nature's forces – requiring optimal protection when the conditions are the worst.

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