OCEAN ABEKO - a successful merger between Danish and Swedish quality

OCEAN Rainwear A/S is an old Danish company founded in the textile town Herning in 1958. The company is known for an extensive and flexible production of workwear, waterproof clothes for work and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sold in more than 25 countries. OCEAN offer a wide selection of rainwear, waders, etc. for sports and leisure, breathable waterproof workwear in many different qualities, PU and PVC rainwear from the lightweight 170 g/m² PU to the Heavy Duty 700 g/m² PVC Off Shore overalls, jackets and full protective clothing with welded neoprene cuffs or gloves and boots.

In 2014 OCEAN bought the well known Swedish company ABEKO, which in many areas had common interests with OCEAN. Under the name OCEAN ABEKO the joint companies will continue their efforts to be among the best producing waterproof workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

OCEAN ABEKO It also carries on the proud traditions of high quality rainwear for hunting and fishing as well as high quality rainwear for leisure.

The story of OCEAN and ABEKO
OCEAN Rainwear A/S was established in Herning in 1958. Their first products were waterproof work clothes for craftsmen and sailors - including industrial fishermen who then, as today have very harsh working conditions at sea in all kinds of weather. OCEAN quickly became known for quality and its well designed products, and today they includes workwear and rainwear for a growing number of sportsmen and active people demanding funktional rainwear in high quality.

OCEAN uses only selected materials of very high quality. Advanced technology, years of experience and professionally ambitious employees ensures that the quality and functionality in working clothes and working rainwear OCEAN always in order. OCEAN currently produces more than 1 million. pieces of clothing per year, employs 200 people and exports to 25 different countries.

ABEKO too has a long history, was founded in 1948 and started by manufacturing durable and waterproof workwear for forest workers in Vester Varmland in Sweden. ABEKO expanded steadily over the years and became known for an uncompromising quality not just in Sweden and the other Nordic countries, but in a very large part of the world.

ABEKO was for many years known for their rainwear for kids which year after year peaked in all tests on quality.

In addition ABEKO manufactured fashionable quality rainwear, and a solid and functional range of rainwear for hunting, horseback riding, joggers and all of us who just love outdoor adventure - even when it rains.

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