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AGU develops and manufactures rain gear for cycling pros, everyday cyclists and commuters with a focus on comfort and quality. Whether you like mountain bikes, bike races or just use your bike to and from work, on vacation with the kids or to enjoy a quiet bike ride every now and then, you will at one point or another need rainwear.

Here at QualityWear you will find a very wide selection of AGU bike rainwear for both adults and kids, and AGU bike bags that will keep your luggage dry in any weather.

AGU offers bike Rain Gear for cycling pros, mountain bikers, commuters and comfort cyclists, so whatever you're into, AGU have a solution that ensures you a good experience on the bike - even when it rains.

The story of AGU
AGU was founded in 1966 by bicycle wholesaler JAKO and two wholesalers from Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The new company was named Alkmaarse Groot Handels Unie (AGU), which until the early 70s only traded spare parts and accessories for bicycles and mopeds.

But AGU expands with bike equipment - including rain gear - and in 1976 AGU won their first prize for unique design of bike rainwear. The award was presented by Holland's then Foreign Minister Westerterp, and the jury said about the rain set: "At first sight this set of bike rainwear do not distinguishes from conventional sets, but on closer inspection it turns out that it is really well thought out when it comes to details and finish". And exactly "thought out in details and finish" is what still characterizes AGU bike rainwear today.

In 1980, AGU introduces a raincoat for bicycle enthusiast who is so successful that other manufacturers start copying it. AGU had to threaten to sue those who copied to protect their good name and reputation.

In 1986, AGU developed breathable bike rainwear - and among bike bags we have to mention "Quorum", which became another great success for AGU. Extremely durable bike bag, who in 1988 was tested by three adventurers from Paris to Dakar.

In 1990, AGU won the fashion industry's biggest reward in Holland, "Grand Seigneur" for having introduced fashion to sportswear - and so we could go on. Latest price is "The Red Dot Design Award" - an international award for aesthetic, innovative and functional design - as AGU won for their "SEQ Urban" raincoat for ladies.

About the company AGU
AGU Holding currently employees about 160 people. The heart of the company is the headquarters in Alkmaar, Netherlands, where the new collections are designed integrating latest trends in sportswear, fashion and knowledge of high-tech materials. AGU bike rainwear are produced in Europe and in Asia, and the company makes high demands on its partners for sustainability and human values. All materials that are used for the preparation of AGU bike rainwear, have been thoroughly tested before being used in production.

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