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    GRUNDÉNS rainwear, waterproof foul weather gear & PPE

    GRUNDÉNS is a Swedish company that has produced quality rainwear and waterproof workwear for more than 100 years. GRUNDÉNS is well known for their powerful rubber rainwear made of durable PVC and PU for professionals in the fishing industry, industrial production and construction, Foul Weather Gear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) developed with the people who use the equipment in everyday life.

    But GRUNDÉNS also designs durable and 100% waterproof rain gear for leisure use and fashionable quality rainwear inspired by the classics that have been produced unchanged at the factory for decades. These retro designs have the same high quality and efficiency as the old-fashioned rubber rainwear and ability to perform for many hours in rough weather.

    Rainwear from GRUNDÉNS has welded seams and resist the pressure from 8-30.000 mm water column. GRUNDÉNS is known for strength and reliability and has "followers" who simply will not work in anything else.

    GRUNDÉNS working rainwear is also known to be very spacious in size.

    The history of GRUNDÉNS
    It was the son of a fisherman, Carl A. Grundén, who in 1911 started the company in the small town Grundsund in Sweden. In the beginning the clothes was made of oiled garmets, but in 1930 the company started using rubberized fabric that was more comfortable and durable. Later, the rubber coating was replaced with PVC and PU, which has superior abrasion resistance and durability.

    In 1955 GRUNDÉNS moved their headquarters to Uddevalla in Sweden and established itself in the coming years in Portugal, USA and Chile. In 2012 GRUNDÉNS took yet another step towards its goal of becoming marked leader in rainwear for work, sport and leisure with new owners and a commitment to continue to design and produce rainwear and waterproof workwear in high quality and in close dialogue with users throughout world.

    GRUNDÉNS Group currently has its headquarters in the textile town of Borås, factory in Portugal and includes GRUNDÉNS Sweden, GRUNDÉNS USA and GRUNDÉNS Chile.

    GRUNDÉNS also manufactures rainwear for sports and leisure. For more information, click here >>>

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Showing 1 - 33 of 33 items