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    RAINWEAR for Work, Sport and Outdoor Adventure

    More rain, heavier showers, hail and wind at any time of the year. Rainwear is more important than ever, whether you work outdoors, attending sports or have a hobby that means staying outside in all kinds of weather.

    QualityWear is a Danish webshop specializing in rainwear. Our goal is to offer rainwear for any purpose, provide the best guidance and ensure our customers lots of good outdoor experiences - even when it rains. On QualityWear you will find rainwear for people who enjoy:

    • fashion and high quality
    • working in the garden, building or being a handyman in their spare time
    • dogs, horses, hunting, fishing, boating, golfing etc..
    • running, biking, hiking or just wants to go for a walk - even when it rains.

    In addition, we offer rubber boots, waders, sea-boots, umbrellas and waterproof bags. You can also find a warm and cozy sweater, thermal wear, softshell and other functional clothing to wear under your raincoat, in our shop - and we add new products nearly every day.

    Tips on choosing rainwear
    Many people mistakenly believe that all rainwear is 100% waterproof. It is not. It is more or less waterproof depending on the fabric it is made of, the way the seams are made, and a number of functional design details that you might not notice when you try it on indoors. Only when you are experiencing a real game of bad weather, you will find that water has an amazing ability to run upwards and sideways and penetrate into the most unthinkable and uncomfortable places.

    That is why Quality Wear has written a GUIDE on choosing the right rainwear and marked all descriptions with a "barometer" showing how much bad weather the different kind of rainwear can withstand.

    Read GUIDE on choosing the right rainwear here >>>

    Below you will find samples of rainwear and they BRANDS we currently have in stock.

    If you need rainwear for a particular purpose, use the link SPORT & ADVENTURE or WATERPROOF WORKWEAR. If you just want to see what we offer respectively for MENWOMEN or KIDS, then one of these links are the right way into the shop.If you have requirements on how much your new rainwear can withstand, use the categories BREATHABLE, LIGHT, MEDIUM or HEAVY protection. Here the rainwear are divided by how much it can withstand.

    Finally, we put a lot of effort into describing the rainwear in each presentation to ensure that you will find exactly the rain suit, rain jacket or raincoat you seek - and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at