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    Waterproofs for an active outdoor life is a Danish owned webshop specializing in rainwear and waterproof clothing for Job, Sports & Outdoor Adventure. Our goal is to provide waterproofs for any purpose or need and give the best guidance and information to ensure you will be pleased with your purchase.

    To make it easy for you to find waterproofs fit for your need, we have sorted out and divided all waterproof jackets, coats, pants etc. into three main categories, described every item in details, and marked them with a barometer showing how much rain a rain jacket, raincoat or even rainhat can withstand.

    Let us help you find the best waterproofs you've ever owned

    Below all waterproofs are divided into the manufacturer making it easy for you if you want to buy waterproofs from a particular BRAND.

    But waterproofs is functional clothing often designed for specific purposes. For example, for the cyclist, the hunter or angler each having their requirements for functionality. In addition, waterproof workwear where the work you do is crucial for the design and selection of fabric etc.

    At you have a lot to choose between, from the 1.5 kg Heavy protection PVC raincoats designed for fishermen in extreme weather conditions on eg. the Berings Sea, to the lightweight rain suite for cyclists. Both waterproofs can of course also be used for a walk with the dog. But there are other options more suitable if walking the dog is your main purpose - and we would love to help you find it.

    Therefore, we have divided all waterproofs at according to functionality into three main categories:


    which furthermore is divided into subcategories to guide you to the right solution.

    Do you have questions about waterproofs?

    You will find the answers to most questions about any waterproof item in the description - especially the expanded description right below the pictures in the presentation. The description also contains link to a size guide.

    If you do not find what you are looking for, if you have questions or need help, you are welcome to

    How much rain should your waterproofs be able to resist?

    Many people mistakenly believe that all rainwear is 100% waterproof. It is not. It is more or less waterproof depending on the fabric it is made of, the way the seams are made, and a number of functional design details that you might not notice, when you try it on indoors. Only when you are experiencing a real game of bad weather you will find, that water has an amazing ability to run upwards and sideways and penetrate the most unthinkable and uncomfortable places.

    That is why has written a GUIDE on choosing the right rainwear and marked all descriptions with a "barometer" showing how much bad weather the different kind of waterproofs can withstand.

    If you have decided in advance that you want a raincoat that can resist heavy rain, we have made it easy for you by sorting the rainwear in BREATHABLE, LIGHT protection, MEDIUM protection and HEAVY protection – in both RAINWEAR for MEN and RAINWEAR for WOMEN.

    Do you want to know more, read the GUIDE on waterproofs: Tips on choosing rainwear >>>