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  • BLAEST by Lilleboe

    BLAEST by Lilleboe - fashionable umbrellas for the well-dressed woman

    BLAEST by Lilleboe is a Norwegian company that designs and manufactures elegant rainwear for the well-dressed woman with a focus on functionality and quality. BLAEST by Lilleboe rainwear is made of the best materials, have sealed seams and many functional details that makes the rainwear feel comfortable and dry to wear. Rainwear from BLAEST by Lilleboe is designed by the Norwegian designer Lisbeth Lillebøe, and the collection includes both rain coats, rain jackets, ponchos - and rubber boots and umbrellas matching the handsome raincoats.

    Designer Lisbeth Lilleboe has for the BLAEST collection received the "Award of Design Excellence" by the Norwegian Council of Design.

    BLAEST rainwear is produced in Norway and comply with EU environmental requirements.

    About Lisbeth Lillebøe
    Lisbeth Lillebøe has lived all her life in the city between the seven mountains, Bergen in Norway, which has more than 200 rainy days a year. As a child she was always told that there was no bad weather, only bad clothing. Inspired by that she has created the functional, colorful and unique collections of raincoats, rain jackets, umbrellas and rubber boots for rainy days and really
    rough weather. But also on days when the weather is not so rough you will be tempted to dress yourself in the beautiful coats.

    Norwegian price for good design
    BLÆST by Lillebøe har modtager norsk designprisThe jury wrote:

    "With the BLÆST Citycoat Lisbeth Lillebøe has designed rainwear with character and great usability.The rainwear is style certainly done, with contemporary cut that appeals to a broad target group. The collection is very comprehensive with the use of distinctive details in stripes combined with black. It provides the products a playful expression underscoring a strong design identity in this segment. The rainwear is made of soft PVC which reflects quality and comfort. The products have good fit and a design that encourages flexible use and movement. This collection is a long-awaited increment in a market that keeps increasing."


    RUSQUÉ High Quality Umbrellas

    The factory RUSQUÉ in Barcelona, Spain, has been manufacturing umbrellas and parasols are since 1912. The collection consists of several brands, such as Cachemir (CHR), Gaudi Barcelona and RSQ, 1912 - as you will find here at QualityWear. Cachemir (CHR) is a collection of high quality umbrellas for daily use for both men and women. Gaudi Barcelona is designer umbrellas, and RSQ1912 is the original umbrella manufactured at RUSQUÉ, which is still produced to order with individual canopies and handles.

    RUSQUÉ is an award-winning company with a proud tradition and more than 100 years of experience in developing and manufacturing umbrellas and parasols. The company was founded in Catalonia by Ángel Rusqué and was for many years the only umbrella factory in Spain.

    Today, the fourth generation of the family Rusqué is leading the company continuing the proud tradition of care and craftsmanship.

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